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Regional Study of Precambrian Age in that Part of the Medicine Bow Mountains Lying in Southeastern Wyoming—With a Chapter on the Relationship between Precambrian and Laramide Structure (1978)




Bibliographic Reference

Houston, R.S., McCallum, M.E., King, J.S., Ruehr, B.B., Myers, W.G., Orback, C.J., King, J.R., Childers, M.O., Irwin Matus, Currey, D.R., Gries, J.C., Stensrud, H.L., Catanzaro, E.J., Swetnam, M.N., Michalek, D.D., and Blackstone, D.L., Jr., 1978, A regional study of Precambrian age in that part of the Medicine Bow Mountains lying in southeastern Wyoming—With a chapter on the relationship between Precambrian and Laramide structure: Geological Survey of Wyoming [Wyoming State Geological Survey] Memoir 1, 167 p., 35 pls.  (Reprinted from 1968.)




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